Music & Instruments Trident Amp Simulator & Multi-FX Pedal

Trident Amp Simulator & Multi-FX Pedal

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Trident is the flagship integrated effects and amplifier simulation pedal from NU-X, built into a one-piece die-cast aluminium pedal housing to withstand the rigours of the stage and road. Using the new proprietary TSAC-4K physical modelling algorithm, with separate dedicated DSP engines for effects and amp simulation, the Trident employs premium AD/DA conversion hardware for accurate sound reproduction with minimal noise levels. Each of the 27 amplifier models faithfully emulates its real world counterpart with authentic features and functions, such as high/low inputs, cable jumping and toggle switch settings. Add to these 27 cabinet simulations and 4 microphone models and you have a wide palette of classic backline to conjure with. A full compliment of effects including boosters, filters, modulations, delay and reverb are available, with on-the-fly adjustments and foot switching easily from the top-side control panel. Current status and settings are neatly displayed in realtime on the backlit LCD display which is bright and clear for easy viewing on stage. Additional effects can be patched in via the send / return loop, which has serial or parallel modes and can also be used for connecting to an amplifier using the 4-cable method, or as a send-only output using branch mode. Full MIDI implementation is accessed through MIDI in and out for integration with external MIDI and switching gear. For interfacing with a Mac or PC computer, a USB type-C port can be used as a recording interface or for programming the Trident using the free to download Trident™ editing software. Additionial connections on the rear panel include an expression pedal input, 3.5mm auxiliary input, 6.3mm headphone output, 2 x XLR outputs and 2 x 6.3mm outputs to support the many various wiring configurations. Overall, Trident is the complete war machine to launch your sonic attack with.
High resolution TSAC-4K physical modelling
USB port for PC/Mac editing, audio interface and firmware updates
MIDI compatible (5-pin DIN adaptor leads supplied)
Trident™ Edit software free to download from
30 second phrase looper with pre and post routing
Selectable amp & effects block order
Heavy duty cast aluminium housing
32 additional IR slots for custom cab simulations
Power supply: 9Vdc, 500mA, pin-negative (mains adaptor included)
Current consumption: <330mA
Input impedance: 1M Ohm (guitar), 100k Ohm (return jack)
Output impedance: 1k Ohm (Out 1, Out 2, Send)
Headphone output: 6.3mm stereo (47 Ohm)
Aux Input Impedance: 10k Ohm
Dynamic range: 109dB
Latency: 1ms
Sampling format: 48kHz, 32-bit
Inputs: Exp pedal, Guitar, Return (6.3mm), Aux input (3.5mm)
Outputs: Send, Headphones, Out 1+2 (6.3mm), Out 1+2 XLR
USB port: Type-C PC/Mac interface
Dimensions: 312 x 164 x 65mm
Weight: 1.65kg

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