Microphones Through Glass Microphone Intercom

Through Glass Microphone Intercom

Brand: adastra
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Intercom for conversation through a glass partition comprising a desktop speaker unit with gooseneck microphone and an extension speakerphone unit, which can be positioned horizontally or vertically in the client area. Independent level controls for the main unit and client speakerphone provide tailored adjustment to overcome the ambient noise level, with muting and anti-feedback circuitry to make two-way conversation clear and intelligible. An additional output is provided for recording both sides of the conversation. Applications include ticket booths, bank counters, petrol stations and receptions.
Desktop main speaker unit with gooseneck microphone
Glass or counter mount client speakerphone
Supplied with 9Vdc power adaptor
Volume control and signal indicator for each microphone
1.6m connection lead
Hands-free operation
Dimensions : main unit: 158 x 87 x 46mm
Weight : main unit: 347g (inc. microphone)
Dimensions : client speakerphone: 91 x 77 x 23mm
Weight : client speakerphone: 87g (inc. lead)
Lead length: 1.6m (hard-wired to speakerphone)
Dimensions : microphone: 285 x 113mmØ (fixed to main unit)
Connectors: 3.5mm TRS speakerphone, 3.5mm stereo record out
Controls: 2 x volume control & power on/off
Power supply: 9Vdc 300mA min. (adaptor supplied)

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