Headphones Spare Receiver for IEM58

Spare Receiver for IEM58

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Compact receiver to add to an existing IEM58 in-ear monitoring system, allowing 2 or more listeners to receive a signal from a single IEM58 transmitter. Multiple receivers can be paired to a single transmitter with no limit to the number of receivers as long as they are within wireless range of the transmitter. Receivers may also be connceted to an Aux or Line input of a powered speaker or mixer instead of headphones, providing a multi-point wireless link in a PA system. A convenient addition to the IEM58 system for group foldback, silent disco, conference, translations and many other stage and broadcast applications.
Licence-free digital 5.8GHz band
Spare receiver for IEM58 in-ear monitor system
USB rechargeable
Power supply: 5Vdc USB (charging only)
Carrier frequencies: 5.8GHz digital band
Power connection: USB type-C
Output: Headphones out 3.5mm stereo jack
Dimensions (each): 65 x 35 x 20mm
Weight (each): 46g
SNR: 95dB
Frequency response: 20Hz - 20kHz
Charge time: 2 hours
Operating time: 5 hours (max. fully charged)
Range: Up to 30m (line of sight)
Battery: Internal Li-ion 3.7V 650mAh

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