Safety & Security Plug Through Wireless Door Chime

Plug Through Wireless Door Chime

Brand: mercury
sku: 350.300UK
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An easy to install, mains powered doorbell with integral 13A socket and remote push button, providing up to 80m wireless range. The waterproof push button simply installs against a door frame using the self-adhesive pad provided. House numbers and names can be displayed on the removable name card, protected beneath a clear plastic cover. A choice of 38 melodies, alerts users to visitors via a simple, plug through chime that can be moved as required within a 80m operating range of the push button. Auto-match code function to prevent outside interference from other wireless devices in the immediate area of the mains unit. Ideal for use in larger homes and business premises or as an assistance button for the elderly.
Simple wire-free installation
Choice of 38 ring tones and melodies
Digital coded signal to prevent outside interference
Waterproof remote push button with name card
Mains plug through unit is for indoor use only
Wireless range of up to 80m
Can also be used as an assistance button for the elderly
Battery for door press supplied (12V 23A)
Power supply : receiver: 230Vac, 50Hz
Battery : transmitter: 12V (23A)
Frequency: 433.92 MHz (±150kHz)
Range: 80m (Open air)
Dimensions : receiver: 116 x 47 x 68mm
Dimensions : transmitter: 88 x 20 x 36.5mm
Weight : receiver: 129g
Weight : transmitter: 25g

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