Mains Power Outdoor Enclosure with 4-Gang Ext 2m

Outdoor Enclosure with 4-Gang Ext 2m

Brand: mercury
sku: 429.870UK
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A tough and watertight enclosure intended for use in outdoor or dusty environments. The box when closed is IP64 rated and comes complete with a 4-Gang 2m extension lead inside. There are 6 cable entries with rubber seals to keep your cables secure without letting in moisture and also 6 cable clamps inside to keep them locked in position.
IP64 rated when the cover is closed
Protects the contents against water and dust
6 cable entries (4 front and 2 side) with rubber seals for cable up to 9mm in diameter
6 cable clamps inside (4 front and 2 side) to keep the cables secure once in place
Deep lid to accommodate mains adaptors etc
Keyholes on the back and a top bracket for wall mounting or hanging
4-Gang 2m Extension lead included with orange cable for greater visibility
Dimensions: 300 x 225 x 110mm
Weight: 1.5Kg (including extension lead)
IP rating: IP64
Voltage: 230Vac
Max. current: 13A

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