Loudspeakers Monolith mk3 Active Sub + Column Array 500W

Monolith mk3 Active Sub + Column Array 500W

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Monolith is an active subwoofer with inbuilt USB/SD player and Bluetooth®, powering a pole-mounted satellite column speaker to provide a convenient full-range PA set. This 3rd generation of the Monolith is driven from an efficient 400+100Wrms class-D amplifier section with bespoke DSP control, delivering powerful sub frequencies, punchy mids and sparkling highs. Supplied with a height adjustable 35mm pole and SPK link lead, each set can be used independently as a mono stack or in pairs or multiples for stereo or larger PA setups. The modular nature of this set makes it perfect for solo performers, DJ setups and conferences amongst many other applications.
500W class-D bi-amplifier
Inbuilt USB/SD audio player
Bluetooth connectivity
Supplied with adjustable 35mm pole and SPK link lead
Heavy duty wooden cabinets with Polyurea finish
Power supply: 230Vac, 50Hz
Fuse: T3.15AL 250V (5 x 20mm)
Construction: 15mm MDF with texture polyurea coating
Audio source: Internal USB/SD/BT player
Input: Switchable Mic (XLR/Jack) or Line (Jack/RCA)
Controls: Gain, Sub-woofer level, Sub Boost switch, Mic/Line switch
Outputs: Speaker out (SPK) to column, Line out (XLR)
Sub driver: 1 x 300mmØ (12")
Column drivers: 4 x 100mmØ (4") Ferrite, 1 x 25mmØ (1") Neodymium
Sensitivity: 103dB
Frequency response: 35Hz - 20kHz
Output power : rms: 400W + 100W
Output power : max.: 1000W
Dimensions : column: 580 x 140 x 115mm
Dimensions : sub cabinet: 480 x 450 x 380mm
Weight : sub cabinet: 20.0kg
Weight : column: 5.6kg

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