Loudspeakers LX6T Wall Speaker 100V - White

LX6T Wall Speaker 100V - White

Brand: adastra
sku: 952.956UK
In Stock: 100 units

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Lightweight PA speakers with moulded ABS cabinets and fitted with 2-axis wall-mounting brackets. Inputs for standard 8 Ohm operation or 100V line with 2 power tappings offer wiring flexibility within different types of installations. Compact cabinets with super light weight make for easy installation onto a variety of wall surfaces and rear pan-tilt brackets enable accurate positioning for best coverage. Cabinets, speaker cones, grilles and brackets are all weatherproofed. A convenient and cost-effective solution for background music and voice announcements in indoor or sheltered outdoor environments.
Super light weight for easy installation
Integral 2-axis wall-mounting bracket
100V or 8 Ohm operation
IP66 weatherproof
IP rating: IP66
Construction: ABS cabinet, aluminium grille

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