Microphones LM58 Wireless Clip Microphone Set 5.8GHz

LM58 Wireless Clip Microphone Set 5.8GHz

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Ultra compact wireless lavalier microphone system with miniature rechargeable transmitter and receiver. The system operates on the license-free 5.8GHz band and all audio is digitally encoded, avoiding the noise associated with some VHF or UHF systems. The clip on transmitter has an integral condenser microphone which can be used as a lavalier mic for hands-free broadcast or presentation work. There is additionally a 3.5mm microphone input jack, which is compatible with Chord and many other lavalier and headset microphones. The clip on receiver has a 22 x 11mm colour display, showing RF and audio signal and output level status. Output level is set using +/- side mounted buttons which also toggle stereo or mono operation if pressed simultaneously. By default, the output is stereo and the first paired transmitter will occupy the left channel. As an option, one additional LM58 transmitter may be purchased and paired to the same receiver for 2-person presentations, with one microphone on the left channel and the other on the right. Output is fed via a 3.5mm stereo socket and each transmitter and receiver can be recharged through its USB type-C socket. A full wireless system that can be held in one hand, yet produces professional results that are ideal for online presenters, performers and lecturers.
Up to 2 transmitters can be paired with a receiver
Multiple receivers can pair to a single or pair of transmitters
Up to 4 transmitters can operate in the same area simultaneously
Built-in microphone or connect to a neckband or lavalier mic.
Carrier frequency: 5.8GHz ISM band
Power supply: Internal rechargeable Li-ion battery
Max. range: Up to 60m
Microphone : polar pattern: Omnidirectional
S/N ratio: 102dB
Transmitter : power: 7dBm
Dynamic range: 90dB
Battery life: 5 hours max.
SPL max.: 100dBu (internal microphone)
Max. mic in: -30dB
Frequency response: 30Hz - 18kHz
Dimensions (each): 55 x 45 x 24mm (transmitter or receiver)
Weight (each): 31g (transmitter or receiver)

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