Music & Instruments Kalimba 17-key CMajor Okoume

Kalimba 17-key CMajor Okoume

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A 17-key Kalimba with carved okoume wood body, tuned to the standard key of C Major. Otherwise known as a "finger piano", the kalimba is a descendant of the African Mbira and has evolved into today's fun and easy-to-play instrument. This model is supplied with a tuning hammer, labels for learning the keys, a beginner's guide, thimbles and a carrying bag. A great instrument for anyone new to music and for accomplished players alike.
Carved okoume body with decorative rosette
17 tuneable keys with note & number stamped on each
Supplied with accessories and carrying bag
Notes: 17 (C to octave E)
Key: C Major
Body: Carved okoume
Dimensions: 180 x 130 x 55mm
Weight: 274g

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