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Digital Drum Practice Pad

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DP-2 is a drum practice pad for solo practice and technique improvement. The pad can be used on a desktop or mounted to a snare drum stand and played with standard drum sticks. A built-in metronome produces audio prompts or spoken word beat counts through the integral speaker or via a headphone output. Each strike on the pad can be detected, which works with the internal modes to provide interactive rhythm training. Time signatures and beat types can be selected as needed within a wide range of tempo settings, all comprehensively displayed on the built-in LCD screen. Powered from its internal battery, the DP-2 can be re-charged via USB (5V 2A) using the supplied lead. An excellent and enjoyable training tool for drummers of all levels.
Comprehensive LCD display
Interactive rhythm trainer
USB type-C charging cable included
Battery: Internal 1300mA Li-ion rechargeable
Power in: USB type-C (for charging)
Speaker output: 0.5W
Recharge time: 2 hours
Tempo range: 40bpm - 208bpm
Time setting: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Dimensions: 270 x 240 x 27mm
Weight: 726g

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