Loudspeakers CUBA-10A Active Full-Range Cab 270W - White

CUBA-10A Active Full-Range Cab 270W - White

Brand: citronic
sku: 178.740UK

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Premium full-range active speaker cabinets with minimalist texture coated MDF enclosure and powder-coated steel grille. Integral high-efficiency class-D amplifier sections are controlled by a 5-preset DSP which controls high detail and can extend the response down to sub-frequencies for an uncompromising full-range output. A switchable Mic/line input and a line input have XLR or jack input and the line input also has RCA option and a Bluetooth receiver for wireless playback from a smart phone. Each cabinet has 2 side handles and a 35mm pole-mount socket for stand mounting. The rear of the cabinet has 2 different bevels for angled placement at ground level or for suspended arraying, multiple M8 flying points are inset on each cabinet. Designed to provide clean, high-energy output across the full audio spectrum for all sound reinforcement applications.
Efficient and lightweight class-D bi-amplifier
High power full-range output
Bluetooth receiver
5 profile DSP section
Power supply: 230Vac, 50Hz (IEC)
DSP settings: Normal, DJ. Voice, Live, Flat
Inputs: Mic/line (XLR/jack), Line (RCA/XLR/jack), Bluetooth
Line output: XLR
Construction: Polyurea coated MDF + powder-coated steel grille

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