Loudspeakers Adjustable Monitor Floor Stand

Adjustable Monitor Floor Stand

Brand: qtx
sku: 180.199UK
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The adjustable monitor floor stand by qtx is perfectly designed for studio and home use, providing a sturdy platform for your speakers. Adjust the height of the stand using the hand fastener and safety pin to one of the 5 height positions, up to 540mm high. Foam surface pads are provided to minimize unwanted vibrations and ensure your monitor stays firmly in place. This stand is recommended for use with small and midfield studio monitors. Maximum weight capacity
Studio and home use
5 adjustable height positions, up to 540mm
Surface pads provided for grip
Suitable for use with small and midfield studio monitors
Plate dimensions: 240 x 230mm
Base : dimensions: 250 x 225mm
Height: 300mm (minimum)
Height adjustments: 340mm, 390mm, 440mm, 490mm, 540mm
Max. weight load: 15kg
Weight: 2.53kg

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