TV Aerials 5G LTE In-line Filter

5G LTE In-line Filter

Brand: mercury
sku: 130.055UK
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5G LTE in-line signal filter designed to eliminate interference and channel loss from 4G and 5G mobile signals.
Fully shielded for minimum signal interference
Easy to install, directly plug in-between signal source and TV via F-Type connector
DC pass allows power for masthead amplifier
Compatible with Digital TV, Satellite, Cable and DAB/FM radio signals
Frequency range : VHF: 5 - 300MHz
Frequency range : UHF: 470 - 694MHz (5G)
Insertion loss: 4dB
Out of band rejection: >30dB
DC pass: 12-24Vdc 300mA max
Dimensions: 75 x 27 x 16mm
Weight: 46g

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