Power Supplies 24Vdc Pure Sine Wave Inverter 300W

24Vdc Pure Sine Wave Inverter 300W

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These high efficiency power inverters produce a pure sine wave to power 230V mains equipment from a 12V or 24V battery or DC power supply. Perfect for use while camping, in commercial vans/lorries, or as a means to convert charged batteries for back-up power in case of a blackout. Ideal for use with TVs, computers, kettles and other everyday appliances.
Over 90% efficiency
Soft start minimises inverter shutdown when using large inductive loads
Low/over voltage input protection
Short circuit, overload and overheat protection
Reverse polarity protection
Built in 1000mA USB socket on the 600W & 1000W versions
LED and audible fault indicator
Supplied with 1 pair of 800mm DC power cables and a spare blade fuse
High accuracy output wave form with less than 4% THD
Please note: Ensure the device is well within the inverter output power rating. We recommend using an inverter capable of supplying a minimum of 3 times the device's rated power to avoid damage to the inverter by any current surge (especially for fridges and freezers which can surge up to 7 times the rated power)
12V or 24V input versions available, please ensure the correct version is selected for the input power to be used
Power : output: 230Vac, 50Hz

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