Power Supplies 13.8V 3.6A Switch Mode PSU

13.8V 3.6A Switch Mode PSU

Brand: mercury
sku: 650.755UK
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Series of 13.8Vdc switching power supplies, suitable for applications that require a stable and regulated DC voltage output. The specific voltage of 13.8V is commonly used because it aligns with the nominal voltage of a 12V lead-acid battery when it is fully charged. This makes these power supplies compatible with systems that are normally battery-powered allows them to provide a stable power source even when the battery voltage fluctuates. Ideal use for radio equipment, security systems, alarm systems, access control systems, 12Vdc LED Lighting systems and central monitoring systems. For indoor use only.
Short circuit protection
Overload protection
Auto reset
Easy installation, screw terminals
Fan cooling for higher power models
Higher power models with 3 channels to spread load
Output voltage: 13.8Vdc
IP rating: IP20
Voltage range: 12.42V-15.18V
Working temperature: -10~40?

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