Safety & Security 10yr Sealed Carbon Alarm w/LCD

10yr Sealed Carbon Alarm w/LCD

Brand: mercury
sku: 350.149UK
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Electromechanical alarm with LCD display and integrated 10 Year battery that saves lives by detecting carbon monoxide gas and giving a loud acoustic warning when triggered. This unit needs no battery maintenance, simply engage the internal battery by releasing the button on the base of the unit, fix to your desired surface and test on a regular basis. Once the detector nears the end of its 10 year life, a low battery indication alerts you to replace the unit. An essential life saver needed in every household with gas or solid fuel heating. Recommended positioning, in all rooms with boilers, stoves or open fires.
Tested in an approved EU laboratory to ensure full compliance to new EN50291-1 : 2018 certification
Continually monitors with a loud alarm on detection of carbon monoxide
10 Year internal battery for peace of mind and hassle free use
LCD display shows the current particle sampling count
LED status indicators; green for power, amber for fault and red for alarm
Warning: this apparatus should be installed by a competent person and is to be installed according to the manufacturers instructions
Apparatus: Type B
Batteries: DC3V 2pcs lithium battery (internal)
Alarm level: 85dB @ 3m
Sensor: Electromechanical
Operating temperature: -10°C to +50°
Lifetime: 10 years
Humidity: 10% - 95%RH
Dimensions: 130 x 75 x 35mm
Weight: 130g

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